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As West Medical we offer, sales, installation and after-sales support of medical devices such as MR, CT, X-Ray (X-Ray), Angio (Cathlab), Pet-CT and Linear Accelerator needed in the field of Radiology, Cardiology, Nuclear Medicine and Radiation Oncology in the medical sector.
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Our Services
Medical Device
With the privilege of West Medical, you can reach top quality by having MR, CT, X-Ray (X-Ray), Angio (Cathlab), Pet-C...
Spare Parts
As West Medical, we also serve our customers in the field of medical spare parts supply. Thanks to our cooperated sup...
Maintenance and Repair
Medical Medical devices have high technology and electronic and mechanical structures that require maintenance and re...
Installation Deinstallation
MR and CT devices are highly sensitive devices with high technology. Installation and disassembly operations as well ...

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