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About Us

As West Medical we offer, sales, installation and after-sales support of medical devices such as MR, CT, X-Ray (X-Ray), Angio (Cathlab), Pet-CT and Linear Accelerator needed in the field of Radiology, Cardiology, Nuclear Medicine and Radiation Oncology in the medical sector. Providing services to domestic and international business partners, West Medical continues its activities as a reliable solution partner for hospitals and medical imaging centers with its expert and experienced staff.


We are chasing the renewed technology and analyzing the problems in the sector to the finest detail and was established to respond to alternative radiology service requests with a focus on quality, with the principle of customer satisfaction.


In addition to the import and export activities of medical devices; X-ray tube and spare parts supply to be used for diagnostic imaging methods such as MRI, Tomography (CT), Angiography; Device maintenance, repair, renewal and assembly services are provided by our expert team.


The spare parts you need will be delivered as soon as possible from our spare parts stock. Every single spare parts you supply through West Medical are guaranteed.


We Work Adhering to Our Core Values


We work with our core values ​​by prioritizing reliability, loyalty and respect. At West Medical, we are aware of how fragile the medical imaging systems are. As our customers, we understand your thoughts and the challenges you face in this process, as providing your equipments. In this area where human health comes first, we are working to give you the most accurate and quality service even better.

We work in cooperation with the main manufacturer companies. In this way, we offer our customers a high quality, cost-effective service, and we continue to work towards becoming the most suitable solution partner in every sense.